House Clearances

A full property clearance service is available following the occupant's vacation. This may be due to their relocation into supported living, sheltered accommodation, a residential home, a nursing home or following bereavement.

We can take instruction for a basic room clearance right through to a complete property clearance including loft, cellar, garden, garage and outbuildings.

During a clearance we are always able to put aside any specfic items found that may be of importance or of sentiment to the instructor of this work.

From past experience, we know that a property is far more likely to sell quickly once it is empty and clean, allowing prospective buyers to see the property’s full potential.

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Probate Preparation, Solicitors & Estate Agents

We can liaise directly with executors, solicitors and estate agents, ensuring that the preparation for probate proceedings can be started as soon as possible.

We can initially attend the property to make sure that it is safe to enter, so important documents and probate information can be obtained by the appropriate person.

We can then continue and remove items that are no longer required, allowing the property to be made clean and tidy, so it ready for the property sale market as quickly as possible.

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Landlords, Housing Associations & Local Authorities

Property Services by Sensitive Clean offers landlords, housing associations and local authority housing services a reliable and prompt service.

Tenants can vacate a property for numerous reasons, often quickly and leaving a varying property condition behind. Our services can ensure that the property is ready for new tenants quickly.

We can liaise directly with landlords and also estate officers, adapting our working methods to suit individual circumstances.

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Following a Sudden Death

When a loved one passes away it can be in very distressing and upsetting circumstances. As the person left behind, you may have many things to arrange, including clearing away of the person's belongings after their passing.

It is normal following a death for nature to take it course. Sadly there is often bodily fluids, blood and other hazardous material still remaining after the deceased has been removed.

In most cases the property will need to be emptied and cleaned. Property Services by Sensitive Clean are here to assist you with this. We have many years experience in assisting the bereaved and understand that this responsibility may appear overwhelming to you.

Don’t burden yourself with this... why have this as a lasting memory? We can remove contamination quickly and safely as well as perform a wider clean and property clearance, if required.

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Decomposition & Undiscovered Body

Once someone has passed away it can be some time before they are found.

The natural process after death is the breakdown of tissue, bloating, seepage and other advanced stages of decomposition. Unpleasant odours, insects, flies, fleas and harmful bacteria can thrive.

The area should be effectively cleaned as quickly as possible to avoid further contamination.

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Suicides, Homicides, Accidents & Trauma

Once the deceased, the police and coroner’s representative have left the property, it is the family, landlord or executor's role to clean up what's left behind.

Our services provide a fast, efficient cleaning of this contaminated area and if required we can continue right through to full property clearance.

We are professional and discreet. We will never pass your details onto the press or third party.

At an already distressing time, tackling this type of cleaning on your own can be overwhelming. Property Services by Sensitive Clean has years of experience and are trained to deal with these situations quickly and efficiently, making the area clean and hazard free.

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Hoarders & Waste Build Up

Entering premises whose last occupant was a hoarder or collector can be overwhelming and unsafe. The smell and sight of the contents alone can be upsetting and overpowering. Food, papers, books, furnishings, human / animal faeces and other items including decomposing waste can harbour harmful bacteria, flies, fleas, insects and even encourage vermin. The build up of items collected alone can create a dangerous environment with the risk of injury.

Property Services by Sensitive Clean can remove items and clean up all in one go, disposing of all items efficiently and safely, allowing the property to be prepared for its next occupant or for the property sale market.

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